How do i prepare raw sea moss?

Instructions Place the dry sea moss in a large bowl, cover it with water and massage the sea moss. Place the sea moss in a large bowl and cover it with filtered or spring water. Add the sea moss to a high-powered blender along with the water. Sea moss is high in iodine, and researchers estimate that it contains around 47 milligrams of iodine per gram.

If you want to know how to make sea moss gel without boiling, check out my post How to make sea moss gel to learn the cold mixer method. For more information on the nutritional values of sea moss gel, see this list compiled by the USDA Food Data Center. Once dry sea moss is soaked in water and expanded, it can be mixed with water or boiled in water to make sea moss gel. Alternatively, you can let the boiled sea moss cool down a bit, transfer it to a blender and blend until smooth.

Sea moss is packed with vitamins and minerals, is low in calories and sugar, and provides a small amount of plant-based protein. The boiling method is the traditional Caribbean way of making sea moss gel (many people have told me that this is the method they used when they were growing up in the 80s and 90s). You can use the cold method, which involves soaking the sea moss in water for 12 to 24 hours and then mixing it with water until smooth. The most important thing is that the water covers all the sea moss and that the container or bowl is covered with a lid or plastic wrap.

If you soak the sea moss for too long, especially at room temperature, the quality of the sea moss decreases and the sea moss can spoil quickly. When I first learned about sea moss and how to make sea moss gel, they showed me the cold method and it's my favorite way to make sea moss gel. There's no need to boil sea moss for hours, put it in a slow cooker overnight, or pressure cook it. While researchers say that the amount based on consumption of 4 grams per day does not pose serious health problems, it is important to consume sea moss in moderation.

While the boiling method is a more “traditional” way of making sea moss gel, many believe that exposing raw sea moss to high temperatures for an extended period of time reduces its benefits.

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