How long can i keep raw sea moss?

Even frozen sea moss gel will eventually show signs of deterioration, usually after four to six months, depending on use and ingredients. The typical shelf life of sea moss gels in the refrigerator is one month if stored in an airtight container. They should never be stored in refrigerators or rooms with a constant temperature. Raw sea moss spoils in about three weeks in the refrigerator, while dry sea moss lasts up to a year if stored properly.

Sea moss gel lasts for one month, while other sea moss products, such as sea moss powder, capsules and gummies, last for more than a year, as directed by the manufacturer. Consider buying sea moss gel in small batches instead of buying it in bulk if you're worried that it will lose its effectiveness too quickly and you don't want to freeze it. However, depending on the source, the sea moss may dry out incorrectly and, after a few months, molds begin to form. If you want to keep the sea moss gel for more than a few days, you should always store it in airtight containers.

For obvious reasons, knowing how to tell when sea moss has deteriorated is essential if you consume it regularly. Most sea moss gummies last up to two years, but are prone to melting, especially when stored in a humid place, shortening their lifespan. If you handle it well when opened, dry sea moss can last for a year if stored in a cool, dry place. Watch sea moss carefully for these types of molds, as they can be very small and difficult to see when they first appear.

The bottom line is that you should handle sea moss gel the same way you would handle any other perishable food. With the sea moss gel, keep an eye on the top layer of the gel, in addition to analyzing the sides of the bottle for mold and other changes. As for sea moss in dry form, storing it in the pantry can greatly extend the shelf life beyond 12 months and possibly two to three years. When in doubt, it's a good idea to ask for a reputable and reliable Irish sea moss gel company.

Your hands can get contaminated quickly, so be sure to wash (and dry) them before you put your hand in the bag to pick up the sea moss you need. Like all foods and food supplements, sea moss has a specific lifespan, depending on the form it takes. Definitely, avoid sea moss capsules getting wet or being close to moisture or water, as this will accelerate deterioration and can cause problems with mold. If you find sea moss that looks and smells good, but you're not sure if it's still good, it's best to be cautious and throw it away.

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