What is the best way to store raw sea moss?

Generally, sea moss gels should last for about a month if stored in an airtight container inside the fridge. They should never be stored in pantries or in places at room temperature. The best way to store sea moss gel is in a tinted glass jar that is sterile. Unlike aluminum or plastic, glass doesn't filter toxins.

It's easy to clean and can be easily sterilized. Store this bottle in the refrigerator between uses. Store the sea moss gel in the back of the refrigerator if you choose not to freeze it. It can help to keep the gel here longer, as it's normally the coldest place.

If you store the sea moss gel in the fridge, it will last up to 3 weeks. If you don't wash your hands first (and dry them very well before you reach in), you can introduce all kinds of bacteria into the sea moss. Before storing sea moss as a raw ingredient or as a gel, prepare it properly so that it can survive as long as possible. In addition, if not properly washed, bacteria can build up in sea moss and make it harmful to eat.

The container can be just as important as the place where it's stored when it comes to keeping sea moss fresh for as long as possible. The most popular form of sea moss is gels for a variety of reasons, although it can also be taken in the form of capsules, powder, or raw food. One or two ounces of dry sea moss will give you what you need to produce this amount of sea moss each month. So, if you find a package of dry sea moss that's been lurking in the back of your pantry for a few years, it's probably time to throw it away.

On average, dry sea moss is preserved for 8 to 12 months a year, depending on storage conditions, pollution, and exposure to water. If you have a homemade sauce or dessert, you can try replacing some of the other components with sea moss gel instead of cornstarch or jelly. A cabinet with doors is the perfect storage place for dry sea moss products, as long as the temperature is also constant in the cabinet. Since sea moss gel only lasts about a month in the refrigerator, this equates to about 3.75 cups.

Although sea moss has long been praised for its health benefits, there has recently been a surge in interest in this superfood. As with almost anything natural, you must first clean the sea moss before preparing the sea moss gel. While you might want your sea moss to be fresh, it won't stay that way for long unless you store it properly. Many people consider sea moss gel to be a powerful superfood because it includes 92 of the 102 important minerals in the human body.

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