What is the nutritional value of raw sea moss?

Sea moss is low in calories and fat, and contains a small amount of protein. It offers a variety of vitamins and minerals and is a good source of iodine and antioxidants. Sea moss has a long history of use due to its supposed nutritional benefits, prebiotic profile and antioxidant content. There is a lot of research data on the health benefits of seaweed, the cousins of sea moss, but not specifically on sea moss.

If you've read some of the latest superfood trends and weight-loss supplements online, you might have found a supplement called sea moss, sometimes known as Irish moss. Sea moss also seems to be gaining popularity as an ingredient in natural skin care products, although research on this use is lacking. Sea moss is a type of red algae also known as Irish moss (or Chondrus crispus, if you want to be formal about it). Studies that have focused on sea moss, in particular, mainly support the idea that, when consumed in supplement form, these algae can benefit gut health, says Kristin Kirkpatrick, RDN, who works at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, based in Denver, Colorado.

But whether you're just taking sea moss supplements or consuming other types, it's worth remembering that you can't supplement it with a poor diet. Below are some of the other proposed health benefits related to sea moss that could warrant further human studies. Sea moss can also pose a risk of consuming heavy metals, since seaweed is known to absorb and store heavy metals in large quantities (2). A study showed that Atlantic salmon that ate sea moss has a more efficient immune response than salmon that didn't.) You'll rinse and soak the dry sea moss for at least 12 hours, before mixing it with the soaking water until you achieve the desired consistency.

Sea moss is a source of a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants that can benefit overall health. Other ways to consume sea moss include mixing powdered sea moss into beverages, sprinkling it on yogurt or oatmeal, and adding it to other foods. Like other sea vegetables, sea moss is also a good natural source of iodine, a micronutrient needed for thyroid health (. For a twist, try the recipe for a vegan Irish Jamaican sea moss drink from The Urben Life, which mixes sea moss gel with dairy-free milk and dates for a sweet touch, while cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla add a touch of spice.

To prepare a sea moss gel, simply soak raw sea moss in water overnight, then rinse it and mix it with new water until smooth.

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